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Upgrade your home entertainment system with the STR-DN1080, featuring Dolby® ATMOS and DTS: X support. Flexible and phantom speaker solutions allow you to tailor your ideal audio setup. 4K and HDR-compatible HDMI support the latest video standards, including HDCP 2.2 content protection for 4K content.

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The Way The Artists Truly Intended

Enjoy the subtlest nuances of studio-quality sound in higher than CD quality with High-Resolution Audio. Passion for music unites every component from signal to speaker so it feels like the artist is performing right in front of you.

Discover Dolby® Atmos

Dolby® Atmos delivers breathtaking realism with 360° surround sound, accurately positioning sound within your environment so that the 7.1.2 speaker channels (including Phantom Surround Back) completely envelop you in sound—even from above.

Discover DTS:X

DTS:X decoding delivers multi-dimensional surround sound that adapts to your speaker configuration in real time. Sounds can be positioned precisely around and above you thanks to 9 speaker channels (including Phantom Surround Back speakers) and object-based audio decoding.

Phantom Surround Back

The Phantom Surround Back speaker setting replicates the immersive sound of physical Surround Back speakers, enabling you to enjoy a 7 channel surround sound experience with only a 5 channel speaker setup.

Flexible speaker solutions

Sony's flexible speaker solutions 'relocate' sound to simulate the optimal position and angle for the best audio experience, working around any physical space restrictions.

Virtual surround with S-Force Pro Front Surround

Ideal for smaller rooms, S-Force PRO Front Surround delivers a virtual surround acoustic field using only 2 speakers. No need to place rear speakers behind you.

Enjoy consistent 4K quality

Maintain 4K quality from source to screen—the 4K pass-through feature allows data to pass through the receiver without compromising image quality, and is HDCP 2.2-compatible.

Seamless auto-calibration

Combining auto-calibration technology with virtual speaker relocation, DCAC EX automatically optimizes speaker frequencies, phases, and delays to deliver a sound field perfectly suited to your room.

See clearly with High Dynamic Range

By supporting High Dynamic Range (HDR) signal pass-through, you can enjoy the incredible jump in image contrast and brightness it brings—and the additional shadow detail and highlights further enhance picture detail and bring colors to life.

High-Resolution Audio file formats

The STR-DN1080 supports a wide variety of High-Resolution Audio formats, including both DSD and Linear PCM. What's more, playback is possible with USB and DLNA connectivity, and multichannel capabilities let you incorporate the high-quality sound into an immersive surround system.

DSD native playback

Co-developed for High-Resolution Audio by Sony and Philips, the companies behind the original CD format, DSD offers a revolutionary way of capturing and playing back audio. Its sampling frequency is 128 times that of CD, and it offers 8 times the data volume of CD to take audio to a whole new level. Totally different from PCM format, DSD uses a pulse-density modulation encoding method to store audio, expressing sound through the pulse intensity of a 1-bit digital audio stream that more closely represents the nature of an analog audio waveform. This enables the delivery of warm, natural analog-like sound coupled with the digital advantages of wide dynamic range and frequency response surpassing 100 kHz. Since the STR-DN1070 supports DSD (Direct Stream Digital) native playback, there is no conversion involved so DSD content can be fully enjoyed without losing any of its original purity.

DSEE HX upscaling

DSEE HX™ technology upscales your existing music to near high-resolution sound quality and makes you feel as if you are really there at the recording studio or concert.

Spotify Connect

Play Spotify through your audio device using the Spotify app as a remote.

Chromecast built-in

Cast music, podcasts, and radio from 100+ audio apps, including Google Play™ Music and more from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to your audio device. Just tap the Cast button.

DSD native playback via DLNA, HDMI, or USB

Play DSD through DLNA network-connected devices, or connected to USB with support for up to 24 bit/192 kHz High-Resolution Audio playback.

Six HDMI inputs and two outputs

With six HDMI inputs and two HDMI outputs—including one dedicated second-zone HDMI output—there's space for your current equipment and scope to expand.

LDAC™: for the transmission of High-Resolution Audio content

LDAC transmits approximately three times more data (at the maximum transfer rate: 990 kbps) than conventional Bluetooth® Audio, which allows you to enjoy High-Resolution Audio content in exceptional sound quality near to High-Resolution Audio.

AirPlay audio

Enjoy music from AirPlay-enabled devices.

Touch, connect, and play

Enjoy simple wireless listening with One-touch NFC. Just touch a compatible smartphone to the receiver for Bluetooth® audio.

Stream music throughout the house with SongPal Link

Listen to the same great song all around the house with multi-room listening, controlled via the SongPal app. Use SongPal Link to group selected Sony sound bars and speakers together, then stream music in multiple rooms.

Perfectly matched

Pair the UBP-X800—the latest 4K UHD Blu-ray Player—with the STR-DN1080 receiver, for the ultimate home entertainment experience. From the stylishly coordinated design through to the enhanced picture and sound quality, the beauty's in the detail.

Wi-Fi® connection

Play music from Internet services as well as your home network.

Fine sound resistor

The high-quality surface-mounted resistor uses pure copper electrodes to attain high volume data conductivity for rich, vivid audio quality and is designed to address the limited space of high-density circuitry.

Quality capacitors

Newly developed high-audio-quality surface-mounted electrolytic capacitors, together with a more robust DAC power source and optimized substrate patterning, help to achieve a stable low range with high resolution.

High quality DA converter

DSD delivers audio with an immense sense of space and accurate representation of an artist’s original vision. By selecting DSD Native playback, DSP processing is bypassed to deliver DSD original purity as-is, but if you prefer you can select DSP processing with 32-bit DA conversion as well. What’s more, multi-channel 5.1ch surround with DSD 5.6 MHz delivers a truly immersive home theater experience in which the advantages of DSD can be appreciated to their fullest.

Power amplifier

For greater stability and output power, a glass-epoxy circuit board is used. Unlike cheaper resin boards, internal vibrations are reduced for less distortion, just clear high power from each of the discrete amplifiers.

Class-leading pre-amp volume IC

The new pre-amp goes way beyond other receivers in this class for optimum High-Resolution Audio delivery. A single-point ground and independent power supply promote purer sound with less interference.

Precision crystal oscillator

Specifically designed for audio from HDMI sources, vacuum-sealed oscillators prevent signal jitter and ensure high-resolution music, and surround sound formats are faithfully reproduced with a wide sound stage.

Localized analog power supply

Each digital device has its own analog voltage regulator to keep high-frequency noise from distorting the analog signal.

Jitter elimination circuit

A combination of carefully tuned analog and digital circuitry reduces jitter to ensure accurate real-time audio processing.

Pure audio grade components

The pure audio grade block capacitor and resistors are less susceptible to interference, delivering superior sound imaging.

Large-capacity power transformer

Care and attention to the highest-quality audio starts with the power transformer. Internal wiring is vacuum-coated for uncolored sound, and a specially developed copper and steel shield ensures powerful bass and accurate vocal frequencies.

Constructed for great sound

A reinforced frame and beam chassis design reduces external speaker sound pressure for more focused, powerful sound.

Powerful 3DSPs

3 powerful digital signal processors support the latest 3D surround sound formats, ensuring the highest accuracy in signal decoding.

32 bit processing

Non DSD native playback is also supported, in which DA conversion is performed on the DSP output that has been processed in 32 bits "as is." The superior DSP technology that Sony has cultivated for AVR enables all features to be upgraded by undergoing 32-bit DA conversion.

New Digital circuit board

The newly designed casting metal framework and heat sink bracket shield the circuits from sound pressure and radiation, for high rigidity and clearer sound quality.

ES grade solder

The ES grade sound-quality solder uses a high-purity tin base mixed with a small amount of specially chosen metal elements, producing a sound that is tight and refined.

Heat sink design

Newly designed fins maximize air intake, helping the amplifier circuit withstand unwanted sound pressure and keep cool.

Control made easy with a Graphic User Interface

It’s easy to navigate your receiver’s settings, thanks to an intuitive home menu. Control what you watch, identify which devices are connected, and choose how you want to listen with pre-set sound modes.

Works with Google Home

With Google Home, you can voice control Sony's audio products. With a simple voice command, you can play music from popular music services by artist, song, genre, album, playlist, mood or activity.

Zoned listening puts the right music in the right room

Harness all the power of the 7.1.2 channels in one room (Main) or enjoy 5.2 channel sound in one room and share the remaining 2 channels in another (Zone 2).

IMPORTANT: Images may not reflect actual product.
Sound Channels 7.2
Video Compatibility 4K
3D Ready Yes
Atmos Compatible Yes
Additional Surround Formats • DTS:X
• S-Force PRO Front Surround
Numbers of Zones 2
Bluetooth Built-in
User Interface On the receiver, On-screen:GUI
Additional Information • High-Resolution Audio-compatible
• 6-in/2-out HDMI connectivity with 4K/60p (4:4:4) pass-through, HDCP 2.2 support, and HDR support
• Wi-Fi®, AirPlay and Chromecast built-in for music streaming
HDMI inputs 6
HDMI Outputs 2
Wi-Fi Yes

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