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$ 109.00

(Marine Accessories - Docking Stations)

Connect FUSION's MS-DKIPUSB Marine Portable Media Device Dock to your MS-AV700, MS-AV700i, MS-IP700i, MS-RA205 or MS-RA200 Marine Stereo and gain all the benefits of FUSION's unique iPod connectivity, iPod video playback and two USB ports. Featuring the World's First Internal Dock for iPod and two USB ports for portable flash drive playback, it's easy to see why FUSION leads the way in innovative cutting-edge marine entertainment. An iPod and USB flash can be inserted into the waterproof dock, providing full control and integration while charging. The iPod is securely protected from rough conditions and the harsh marine elements via dedicated iPod sleeves fitted to the dock. The second USB port on the rear of the dock, enables the connection of a further USB flash drive.

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Compatibility MS-AV700, MS-AV700i, MS-IP700i, MS-RA205 or MS-RA200
Additional Details There are two installation options for the Marine Portable Media Device Dock: A fully sealed bulkhead mount dock for instrument panel or exterior installation or A wall mount dock for cabin or interior installation; The dock connects directly to your Marine Stereo, allowing full control and integration of your iPod through the Stereo.

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