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$ 199.00

(Car Stereos - Car Deck)

  Introducing the CA-CD800, FUSION's premium multi source unit featuring all the newest, most impressive features, without the excessive price tag. Whether you are competing, or just wanting the best for your ride, the CA-CD800 allows you to play multiple formats, from various devices easily, while achieving extreme bass and high quality sound.  CA-CD800 A2DP Bluetooth / AM / FM / CD / MP3 / WMA / SD / USB / iPod / iPhone Receiver.

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Maximum power 200 W
RMS power 88 W
THD and Frequency 20Hz - 20kHz
Number of channels 6
DIN connector 1
Rear View Camera Compatibility None
Volume control Rotary
Detachable faceplate Yes
Navigation No
Video Playback No
Remote control No
Motorized LCD screen No
Touchscreen No
Front speaker pre-outs Yes
Back speakers pre-outs Yes
Subwoofer pre-outs Yes
Pre-outs voltage 5 V
Auxiliary input Yes
USB input Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Direct Control for iPod®/iPhone® Yes
Warranty 1 year

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